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Unused Words To Be Removed From English Language
By Chuck - Sun, Dec 22, 2002

True Update to Dictionary

True Update to Dictionary

Los Angeles, CA (AP) - Dictionary publishers from around the globe convened this past week in Los Angeles for an industry first: to remove unused words from the English language. The move was deemed necessary due to the increasingly large and cumbersome dictionaries that have been growing in size and complexity since the late sixties, according to spokesperson Carol Wagoner.

Terms such as ?ain?t,? ?vulcanize,? ?mojo,? and ?infotainment? have grown in use informally to the point that they are eventually considered words and, of course, become dictionary entries. On the other hand, according to Wagoner, ?the unused words should no longer be published, honored, spoken, written, or otherwise employed as they have fallen out of favor.?

Linguists and language theorists agree that terms can certainly overstay their welcome and that their useful lives are limited in modern culture. ?As language continues to evolve, it must not be afraid to bury its ancestors,? said Lewin Malcolm, Editor of The New American Dictionary. ?This must be a regular occurrence, that of cleansing the language to make way for tomorrow?s ?jackmotize,?? he stated.

So many words in the language are used so seldom, speculate experts, that except for the regular influx of terms due to changes and developments in the technologies, it is believed we may be heading for an ice age, of sorts, in the languages of the world. Radical theorists feel we may be headed to a system of grunts, gestures, and facial expressions. ?Early man survived many years this way, and it worked just fine for their life spans,? stated Zachary Flonner, History Department Chairman at UCLA.

Early targets are rumored to be alabaster, garble, charley horse, cram, scuttle, treble clef, cassette, teflon, shindig, and Zagnut. Final recommendations from the meetings will be made public early next year.

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