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Tampa Bay Takes 1-0 Lead In Super Bowl Series
By Chuck - Wed, Jan 29, 2003

The Big Hard In The Big Easy For The Big Raiders.

The Big Hard In The Big Easy For The Big Raiders.

San Diego, CA (Associated Press) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers put an end to their long history of losing by taking a 1-0 lead against the Oakland Raiders in the best of three Super Bowl Series on Sunday. The Bucs defense scored as many points as the Raiders, 21, en route to a 48-21 whipping of the AFC champion Raiders.

Game 2 of the series turns to the east coast neutral site of New Orleans this Sunday, where the Raiders will try to right the ship with a do-or-die playoff game of their lives. "Lose and go home, that's all we have to think about," said quarterback Rich Gannon, who threw a Super Bowl record five interceptions, three of which were returned for touchdowns. "We have to force a game three in order to have a chance to be the world champions once again," he added.

If the Raiders can pull it off, they would meet the Bucs in Indianapolis for the decisive third game the following week. The Buccaneers, however, want to step on the necks of the Raiders early and often in New Orleans and call it a season--a championship season. "We are going to do everything we just did and more," said Warren Sapp, defensive lineman for the Bucs. "We think we can play better than we did on Sunday," he said.

No team has ever gone on to be Super Bowl Champions after losing the first game, a point not lost on Gannon. "We definitely didn't want to be in this situation with our backs against the wall," he said, "But the pressure is on them (Tampa Bay) to end it. All we have to do is stay alive and see what happens," he said.

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